LYXR Goes Where Cocktails Only Dreamed They Could

Fast Cars. Fast Money. Fancy Parties and Fast Habits. It's all millennials, and savvy social media-minded folks seem to gravitate to these days. With an ever-increasing thirst for one-upping becoming the latest trend, it's no wonder that an innovative and high tech dessert company like LYXR has emerged. They take on your ordinary family favorite desserts, like ice cream and sorbet, and infuse them with famous liquors in endless combinations. Rolling their brand into the high society look of the LYXR roll.

An unusually sexy alcohol-infused ice cream masterpiece rolled into a decadent and delicious shape and enjoyed out of nothing less than the LYXR martini glass (which you can take home as a gift of opulence from LYXR). LYXR founder and CEO Avraham Aron explains it in a way that melts in our mouths. "As kids, we all wanted to do what adults did, and as adults, we just want to be kids again, so why not have the best of both. Life was never meant to be without indulgence, so it's time to have our cake, or in this case, our spiked ice cream rolls, and eat them too". With LYXR bars offering a variety of cocktail ice creams and sorbets, at boutique hotels, hospitality service establishments, bars, clubs, private parties and anywhere a little adult fun is welcomed, it's only a matter of time before LYXR becomes synonymous with 'The Adult Dessert Reinvented'. Eat your heart out and look for LYXR at your next party or event. Booking is exclusive and limited, but oh-so-worth the wait. If you would like more information on how you can enjoy the LYXR experience, visit get your party 'rolling'!