About Lyxr




The LYXR Bar experience was designed as a solution to combine two favorite adult items, Ice Cream and Liquor. Specifically designed for: The Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Catering Facilities, Cruise Liners, POP Ups and Private parties and events that want to add extra flavor and excitement to their menus and guest's choices.Our Patented LYXR machines are designed and equipped for instant frozen processing. Built with italian food grade aeronautic stainless steel and our patented deep freeze roll technology, the LYXR MACHINE allows for the unit to maintain a consistent optimum temperature of 20 degrees below zero, which ensures an instant unmatched adult ice cream favorite in just 30 seconds.

Weighing less than 120lbs and sized for even the tightest spaces, LYXR bar is a must for any establishment or private event that wants to raise the bar on the ordinary dessert and cocktails. LYXR allows you to serve thousands of flavors, creamy alcoholic ice creams and sorbets in just about any combination your imagination can create. You will be able to combine ingredients with alcohol that otherwise was considered impossible and obtain exclusive and gourmet spiked ice cream recipes, rolled into a spectacular presentation with unmatched taste and quality. 

With the LYXR BAR provided recipes, patented ingredients and world class service, not only can you can serve exquisite cocktails in the form of rolled ice cream and sorbets such as Mojitos, coladas, margaritas, champagne and proseccos, but with LYXR it is possible to add many of your favorite ingredients such as chocolate flakes, fruit and nuts, or or just about any garnish to create a rich and prestigious look and taste of the worlds favorite dessert and drinks to even your most discerning customers. Book your LYXR BAR Experience today and indulge in the future of Adult Desserts.