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Can Alcohol and Ice Cream Mix? With LYXR Bar, they Don't Just Mix, they Roll!

"How do you get alcohol to mix with ice cream without having to use liquid nitrogen or add a ton of sugar and syrups to make it all stick? Better yet how do you even conceive of having alcohol in a sorbet, without crystallizing or leaving you with a soupy mess?"
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LYXR BAR Wants to Bring the Party to You! Roll in Style!

Our minds have been long conditioned to think of bars and clubs for booze, brick and mortar stores and restaurants for desserts, and catering halls for a memorable wedding, bar mitzvah or sweet sixteen, definitely not the food or dessert. This is where LYXR has broken the mold of conventional thinking.
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LYXR Goes Where Cocktails Only Dreamed They Could

"As kids, we all wanted to do what adults did, and as adults, we just want to be kids again, so why not have the best of both. Life was never meant to be without indulgence, so it's time to have our cake, or in this case, our spiked ice cream rolls, and eat them too"
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