Our Story

It's Unforgettable Moments That Make Our Lives So Great!

Behind each Lyxr Roll is a story that starts long before that first spoonful. It all began with a trip to the romance of Italy, where gelato stands and amore flowed like the waters of Venice. 

With the world in state of change and innovation, a small intimate group of like-minded people who love the art of food and play began their journey into the wonder of a child's expressive openness and combined it with the adult fun missing from our busy lifestyles — these pioneers are the kind of thinkers who go the extra mile to provide the best ingredients mixed with the most recognizable liquors to offer the most exceptional adult ice-cream out there, rolled into perfection. We don't just try, but we thrive on making each roll from our hearts and deliver it right the first time. That means from sourcing and mixing, to tending our Lyxr Bars; we are always coming up with new ways to celebrate the best of every occasion, spoonful after delicious spoonful. 

Behind the scenes in the Lyxr Lab, we work to relentlessly create bold and innovative spiked ice cream rolls that offer a whole new experience for your taste buds and make you feel like you had your first kiss of decadence.

It's that last lick you will fight over, that sweet taste you will share while you express yourself to your friends, the rolls of heaven you'll make a toast to. And that's what we're about. Because at Lyxr Bar we believe in feeling the freedom of a child in an adult's playground. We believe in 'rolling responsibly'. So come 'roll with us'!