LYXR BAR Wants to Bring the Party to You! Roll in Style!

Traditionally, when we think of great desserts especially adult desserts like alcoholic ice creams, gelatos and sorbets, the last thing that comes to mind is catered events or the local club or bar. Our minds have been long conditioned to think of bars and clubs for booze, brick and mortar stores and restaurants for desserts, and catering halls for a memorable wedding, bar mitzvah or sweet sixteen, definitely not the food or dessert. This is where LYXR has broken the mold of conventional thinking. With a singular goal of providing the absolute best alcoholic ice cream and sorbet experience in an unmatched and refined way, brought right to you. LYXR has sought a road where the ordinary just won't do. The world is changing, advancing and becoming anything but ordinary. This is why you can now enjoy a superior dessert for adults like LYXR at your favorite hotspot, party, catered event or anywhere adult fun is on your agenda.

LYXR bars are expanding into several key markets. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas,  Chicago, Miami, and New York City. LYXR Bars aren't your traditional brick and mortar stores by any stretch, within only a few cubic feet, a LYXR BAR is a stainless-steel frozen bar, brought to the party. It's movable, semi-portable, comes with an experienced LYXR Tender to create a world-class alcoholic dessert experience for you and your friends, and best of all you can find them in virtually any establishment, party, or event you find your way to. Just as we have a coffee shop with a green mermaid on virtually every corner, LYXR's goal is to have a sweet roll of adult yummy for you at every turn. Don't be surprised if the next time you stop at the local post office, there is a handsome man or beautiful woman there behind a LYXR bar to give you a sweet taste of LYXR and help keep your day happy smile, because after all life was meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy, and Roll Responsibly. To book your LYXR Bar, learn more about LYXR Bar or find a LYXR bar near you, please visit:, send us an e-mail, and we'll make your next party roll in style.