Can Alcohol and Ice Cream Mix? With LYXR Bar, they Don't Just Mix, they Roll!

With Alcoholic Ice Cream making a secret entrance into the dessert arena the question that always pervades the culinary industry is "How do you get alcohol to mix with ice cream without having to use liquid nitrogen or add a ton of sugar and syrups to make it all stick? Better yet how do you even conceive of having alcohol in a sorbet, without crystallizing or leaving you with a soupy mess?". The truth is milk, in general, does fair decent with alcohol as we see in the case of say a White Russian, but on a molecular scale alcohol is closer to water than it is to the proteins that make milk thick. This is why a lot of the time if you do have the pleasure of indulging in some of the boozy, creamy stuff you will often find separation and or the companies that make the ice cream will opt to cheat and add in a shot on top to give you kick of the chosen spirit's flavor. This is where LYXR has stepped in to raise the "BAR" on the spiked dessert. With their patented formula for mixing-in virtually any alcoholic beverage you can imagine including wines, champagnes, proseccos, whiskeys, sangria, you name it, they are able to create a "Full Bar" of possibilities rolled into decadent yumminess. Rather than the traditional scoop of ice cream, LYXR opts for elegance and class when it comes to serving the adult treat. Knowing that a great amount of food pleasure is fpind in its presentation, their Master LYXR lab has decided that serving style should match the sentiment of a well served cocktail. All LYXR Ice Creams are served as individual, delicate rolls, and come served in a martini glass which you can take home to remember your experience. If LYXR knows one thing, it's that Life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, so why not enjoy it with class!